Top Five Fernie Finds

A sustainable holiday season

Simple acts through out this holiday season can reduce our impact on the environment. Shopping locally is one easy way you can make a difference, drive less, have less stress, use less fuel and find unique gifts. Around the continent, communities will celebrate Shop Local week from December 3rd - 9th. Join in, and support Fernie's diverse and unique locally-owned stores, and don't forget to bring your reusable bag when you hit the shops.

5 steps towards a sustainable holiday season

* Buy locally made products, fair-trade, recycled or organic gifts. Read more »

Drink Greener Drinks

Every time we open our wallet, every dollar we spend, we have an amazing opportunity to vote and directly shape the world around us. This simple act is one of the most powerful ways to make your voice heard, and the secret to affecting change. Imagine this - you can make a difference even by going out for a drink. The wine you choose to enjoy with you dinner can either support a small unique local organic vineyard or one that chooses to laden their grapes with petroleum derived fertilizers and pesticides. Read more »

Reducing your transportation footprint

Motor vehicles are embarrassingly inefficient. Did you know that of the energy that is consumed, at least 80 percent is lost, and that at most only 20 percent is actually used to turn the wheels? Read more »