Fernie Car and Truck Share

The Fernie Car Share co-op is up and running! We now have a car (automatic transmission pontiac sunfire) and a truck (ford ranger 4x4 standard transmission.) We have welcomed several new members in the past few months and would love to have you join us!

The Fernie Car Share Co-op is a branch of the Kootenay Car Share Co-op. We will enjoy numerous benefits from this association, including everything from being part of an already fully functioning and successful organisation, to the no hassles provision of our very first vehicle!

There are always lots of questions from potential new members, here's a few Q&A's that you might find helpful:

Q: Is the deposit refundable?
A: Yes! The $500 deposit is fully refundable if you ever choose to leave the co-op, providing you have no outstanding fees or charges against your account. We just ask that you remain a member for a minimum of six months, although we're sure that once you join you won't want to leave!

Q: $500 is a lot for me to pay upfront, can I pay in installments?
A: Yes! The initial installment required is $200, with an additional $100 payable each month for the next three months.

Q: We're a couple that would both like to be members. Do we have to pay twice the fees?
A: No! Second and subsequent members of the same household pay a reduced deposit of $250, and couples only pay one monthly fee (as low as $4.16/month for low-use members.) The full share paying member is therefore "sponsoring" the second or subsequent members. There are also special arrangements for companies that would like to join and have access for all their employees.

Q: I've just moved here from overseas and don't have a BC License yet. Can I be a member?
A: Yes! As long as you can provide a clean record of driving from your home country with at least 3 years of driving, plus the deposit and at least 6 months commitment to the co-op, you are very welcome to join. Please note that you may legally drive in BC on a foreign licence for a maximum of 90 days. After this time the co-op would require evidence of a valid BC license to continue your member privileges.

More questions and answers, plus cost comparisons and pricing can be found on the Nelson Car Share Co-op's website at www.nelsoncar.com

If you would like more information or to arrange membership, please contact Fernie Co-ordinator Rebecca Hall at albamerlot@yahoo.co.uk or call 250 531 0501.