Green Drinks

Do you have a passion for social, environmental and economic sustainability? Are you committed to thinking globally and acting locally? Are you interested in meeting others similarly impassioned? How about a room packed with them, chatting over drinks? Yes? Have I got an event for you! It's Fernie's GREEN DRINKS!

GREEN DRINKS attracts a wide range of people, all of whom care about what is happening to our planet. There is a real "thirst" for connection with other like-minded people. What better way to meet that thirst than through GREEN DRINKS!

GREEN DRINKS is a couple hours of mingling, with no structure or speakers. Everyone is welcome, whatever the motivation. These nights provide a unique opportunity to just talk.

GREEN DRINKS is an international phenomenon with groups in over 200 cities around the world. Check out to learn more about this informal, organic, self-organizing network.

Stay tuned for info on our next green drinks.