Think Local First

Local businesses play a huge role in what makes our community great. The Think Local First program is designed to help protect economic stability, community self-reliance and the unique character of Fernie by raising awareness, community recognition and promoting the support of local businesses.

All you have to do is THINK LOCAL FIRST!

Check out the latest Local Business Promotions, only available to Think Local First Cardholders.

You can pickup your card at the Fernie Museum in Downtown Fernie, and then register it online here.

If your a business you can register for FREE, stock up on Think Local Cards, Bags, Window Clings and Magnets in the Local Business Store.

Shopping locally is about vibrant, healthy communities, unique products and dependable service. Here's how it works:

VIBRANT - Locally-owned businesses build strong communities. Revenue earned by locals circulates back into the local economy, enriching the whole community. Also, local business owners deliver more than what's in store; they contribute time, products and services to non-profit projects.

HEALTHY - Walkable neighborhoods are good for the environment. When retail stores and other businesses are located close to residential areas there is less automobile use, fewer parking lots, and more places for people to meet and interact.

UNIQUE - Distinctive character equals economic advantage. One-of-a-kind businesses - particularly when they market their local area collectively - attract shoppers.

DEPENDABLE - Local people are responsive. Small businesses begin when their owners feel they have a unique contribution to make; they see a gap that they can fill or a service that they can provide that will improve people's lives. They are responsive to the needs of their community and therefore they give dependably good service.

By shopping locally you access unique local products, quality service, and save time and money by not traveling out of town. Shopping locally means you understand that even if it costs a little more to buy locally, those dollars you spend in your own community are circulated back into the local economy and help to preserve Fernie's unique charm and character. Vibrant local businesses make Fernie a great place to be. Put your money where your house is!