Think Local First Campaign History

ALL's Think Local First project began in the fall of 2005 with the launch of a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of shopping locally through the creation of a Think Local First membership card, local Retailer's Discount Guide, and attractive yet functional hemp shopping back that prominently displayed the campaign's logo. Following the success of this campaign and from the feedback we received from both retailers and the general public we wanted our next phase of Think Local First to be inclusive of the entire Fernie community (visitors and residents) as our original campaign had been directed solely at locals.

In order to accomplish this, we created Fernie's 2007 Think Local First Community Coupon Book which features the products and services of 44 local businesses for a savings of $1000s to coupon book purchasers. Launched in January 2007, 500 copies of the coupon book were printed and made available through a number of locations around the Fernie area. In addition to the great savings offered by businesses, the book contains a wealth of information regarding the importance of shopping locally and the effect of voting with your dollar'. Response to our coupon book has been very positive, with sales of 400+ books to date and valuable exposure and promotion to our local participating businesses.

In 2008 we rebranded the Think Local First campaign and made it easier for consumers and businesses to participate. Now as a shopper, all you need is to carry a Think Local Card to access incredible deals from local businesses. Business can now update their offers as little or as often as they want to, and gain from social media marketing of the campaign plus email promotion - all for free! Learn more by visiting or 'like us' on facebook.